A man has been arrested for stealing 5 tonnes of 1000-year-old ice from the Jorge Montt Glacier in Chile.  The glacier ice was destined for high-end cocktail bars in Santiago to be used as ice cubes.  The BBC has a news report on the story.

Jorge Montt Glacier has been called the fastest shrinking glacier in Chile.  A retreat of ~1km was observed in just one year, this was recorded by time-lapsed cameras.  The series of 1445 photos have been used to produce a short video (shown below) of the glacier’s retreat.


A really impressive time lapse video taken from international space station.

HT to Bad Astronomy who says this about it:

“I’m so overwhelmed by the beauty and coolness of this video I’m not sure which part I like best! The cities streaming by underneath; the instantly recognizable outlines of familiar places like the Great Lakes or the boot of Italy; the incredible flickering thunderstorms — giving you an understanding that there are always thousands of such storms all over the planet at any one time; the incredible 3D view of the green and red aurorae which you can actually see as towering structures dozens or even hundreds kilometers in height; the stars rising and setting and spinning over the horizon; the reflection of the Moon on the Earth below following along our point of view at 2:50 into the footage; or the thin glowing arc above the horizon: airglow, caused by molecules in the upper atmosphere slowly emitting light as they release energy accumulated during the day.”

Credit: NASA, Michael König, who used photos from NASA’s Gateway to Astronaut Photography of the Earth site.