TV series:

  • Hinterland (loved seeing the Borth setting where we lived for a while)
  • True Detective
  • An Honourable Women


  • Serial


  • Fivethirtyeight


  • The Imitation Game
  • Captain Phillips
  • Dallas Buyers Club
  • Belle


  • Our Love by Caribou
  • Here and Nowhere Else by Cloud Nothings
  • Lost in the Dream by War on Drugs
  • In the Silence by Asgeir


  • The Brother Imperial IPA by Fremont Brewing
  • Red Chair NWPA by Deschutes Brewery
  • Pow Town Porter by Townsite Brewing

Here is a brief list of some of my favourites of 2011:

Major Event: Birth of Simon, Barn’s wedding (being best man), Becoming Canadian

Film: Tinker Tailor Solider Spy

Music: Girls, Beriut, Bon Iver, …

TV series: Frozen PlanetSherlock, twenty twelve, Rev.

App: Instapaper has transformed the way I read website content – use it everyday

Gadget: iphone 4S – how did I ever live without a smart phone!?

Books: The Lost World of Genesis 1 (for new insights in understanding creation accounts in Genesis (and the ancient near-east)), The Empathic Civilization (for new insights on globalizations and global crisis),  The Planet in a Pebble (for new insights on Geology follows the deep history of a slate pebble from Borth (where we lived Oct-Dec 2010))

My Most Viewed Blog Post: Surprises under the ice

Podcasts: Daily Bacon, St. Pauls Media,

Newspaper: The Guardian

Magazine: Nature (that’s a journal I suppose)

Columnist: Monbiot, Freedland

Blogs: Jesus Creed, Storied Theology

Radio: BBC radio4 Today programme,

Drink: aeropress coffee, Black Butte Porter

Food: Sushi Town (Hasting, Burnaby), Sushi Garden (Lougheed, Burnaby)

… according to a new book by Renovare.  The list was composed by Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, Phyllis Tickle, and Chris Webb among others.  Here is their list:

1.  On the Incarnation  by St. Athanasius
2.  Confessions  by St. Augustine
3.  The Sayings of the Desert Fathers
4.  The Rule of St. Benedict  by St. Benedict
5.  The Divine Comedy  by Dante Alighieri
6.  The Cloud of Unknowing  by Anonymous
7.  Revelations of Divine Love (Showings)  by Julian of Norwich
8.  The Imitation of Christ  by Thomas à Kempis
9.  The Philokalia
10.  Institutes of the Christian Religion  by John Calvin
11.  The Interior Castle  by St. Teresa of Avila
12.  Dark Night of the Soul  by St. John of the Cross
13.  Pensées  by Blaise Pascal
14.  The Pilgrim’s Progress  by John Bunyan
15.  The Practice of the Presence of God  by Brother Lawrence
16.  A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life  by William Law
17.  The Way of a Pilgrim  by Unknown Author
18.  The Brothers Karamazov  by Fyodor Dostoevsky
19.  Orthodoxy  by G. K. Chesterton
20.  The Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins
21.  The Cost of Discipleship  by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
22.  A Testament of Devotion  by Thomas R. Kelly
23.  The Seven Storey Mountain  by Thomas Merton
24.  Mere Christianity  by C. S. Lewis
25.  The Return of the Prodigal Son  by Henri J. M. Nouwen

Ok, so I’m not doing very well, I’ve read The Imitation of Christ and The Brothers Karamazov (both of which are brilliant by the way) and half of The Pilgrim’s Progress (I got bored so gave up!) and I’ve possibly read some or all of Mere Christianity.  Some of these I haven’t even heard of before – The Philokalia anyone.