Some people may be wondering why I have ducks in my header and where they come from, well here is the answer.  One of my favourite artists is Shalom of Safed.  He has a painting that brilliantly captures the biblical scene of Moses being found in the bulrushes.  In the foreground of this picture he has these ducks paddling in the river Nile.  Here is an image of the complete picture.  There are some wonderful details to take in:  can you see Mirian (Moses sister) hiding in the reeds and the stern looking Pharaoh’s daughter sending her slave girl to collect the wailing baby Moses.  Notice also Pharaoh’s daughter holding the staff (a character motif of Moses and symbol of authority), I also like how the scene reads right to left (as does the hebrew language of the original story).


6 Responses to “Header Art”

  1. Mark Morgan Says:

    May I use some images of the griffon vulture for a religious publication? Not for commercial use. Sincerely, Mark

    1. sampimentel Says:

      The photos of griffon vultures are not my own I found them using a google image search.

  2. norman Says:

    is the painting an original? I have it. It looks like another from Shalom with the same title. The one I have is IDENTICAL to yours. Please let me know if it is another that Shalom painted. Thanks, Norm

    1. sampimentel Says:

      No, I don’t have an original. You have the original Shalom painting of this scene? … lucky you.

  3. Jessica Says:

    Where did you find this image? Is it a print that you have? Is it signed as one of many? Have you authenticated it as a Shalom of Safed?

  4. sampimentel Says:

    Jessica, this is an image I found on the internet (not sure where now). I do not have a print of this picture. Interestingly I’ve just done an image search and have found there is a slightly different Shalom of Safed picture of the same scene e.g–moskowitz-of-safed-shalom-1980-moses-found-in-the-bulrushes-2511531.htm

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