The artist Gabo Guzzo has a new art project called The Geological Turn this project explores the Anthropocene and involves several contributors (most notably Paul Crutzen (Nobel prize winning Chemist) and Jan Zalasiewicz (Geologist and author)).  The residency was at Banner Repeater (which according to the Guardian is one of the best arts venues in north London) and the project continues to be hosted on the blog:

My own contribution/response shown on the project blog is reproduced below.

The formula in the picture is a standard conservation of mass equation describing landscape evolution, essentially all Earth surface changes in one equation, e.g. uplift, erosion, sediment flux, etc [1].  These natural geomorphic processes operate over geological time periods shaping the landscape – mountain ranges etc.  However, humans have now become the leading geomorphic agents of landscape change [2].  For example, the current rate of sediment transport by humans ellipses that of glaciers and rivers combined.  This simple picture endeavors to capture this concept.  Humankind has literally bulldozed its way into a new geological era, the Anthropocene.

[1] W. E. Dietrich and J. T. Perron, The search for a topographic signature of life, Nature, 439, 411-418, 2006.

[2] R. LeB. Hooke, On the history of humans as geomorphic agents, Geology, 28, 843-846, 2000.