This blog post gathers together recent data and information on University Professor salaries in North America.  I happen to have just accepted an Assistant Professor position at Trinity Western University in British Columbia, Canada which (unfortunately for me) has the lowest salaries in all of Canada.  I was aware of this before I got the job and choose to work here for reasons outside of pay.  However, it is a slight consolation to know that academics in Canada on average are the best paid in the world (taking into account cost of living differences).  This according to a new book

Paying the Professoriate: A Global Comparison of Compensation and Contracts

more details and a global league table can be found in this New York Times article on the book.

All sorts of useful data on University (teaching/academic) salaries in the United States including averages by discipline, career stage, region, and type/size of University can be accessed through The Chronicle of Higher Education:

For full-time teachers at Canadian Universities 201o-2011 statistics (mean, median, 10th and 90th percentile, maximum and minimum) for each rank at every University in Canada is provided in a report by Statistics Canada:

If you want to be really nosy, in British Columbia, you can find out the pay of the highest paid public employers (those who earn over ~$75,000 CAD), including individual professors at the public universities.  Search the database (data currently from fiscal year 2010/2011) compiled by the Vancouver Sun: