I want to continue blogging, I see this as a way of archiving ideas and as a means to improve my communication skills.  Things I foresee on the blog this year include more stuff on Glaciology, a mini series on sea level rise, some posts on the Anthropocene.

Teaching methods

I’d like to continue to be more innovative in my teaching this year.  Things I might try include: more peer-peer learning, exploratory learning methods, a student peer-review assignment, a written exercise involving blogging, …


My aim this year is to get two new papers published.  I’m putting together a journal article on modelling the Belcher Glacier (Canada) and also working hard to produce a paper on modelling the Russell Glacier (Greenland).

Things I want to read

I don’t really line up and plan ahead the books I want to read, but I have a few on my radar that I hope to get around to reading these include:

Some books on Christianity and climate change/environmental crisis e.g. A Climate for Change, The Gospel According to the Earth, Tending to Eden, Global Warming and the Risen LORD

Science books on the Anthropocene e.g. Deep Future, The Earth After Us

Science & Faith: The Language of Science and FaithTheology in the Context of Science

Bible Studies: Paul Through Mediterranean Eyes, The Resurrection of the Son of God

Fiction: The Hunger Games (Ann really enjoyed this, the film comes out in March, so I’ll have to read it before then).

Others: The Meaning of Marriage, Half a Wife

You can track my reading here.