Here is a brief list of some of my favourites of 2011:

Major Event: Birth of Simon, Barn’s wedding (being best man), Becoming Canadian

Film: Tinker Tailor Solider Spy

Music: Girls, Beriut, Bon Iver, …

TV series: Frozen PlanetSherlock, twenty twelve, Rev.

App: Instapaper has transformed the way I read website content – use it everyday

Gadget: iphone 4S – how did I ever live without a smart phone!?

Books: The Lost World of Genesis 1 (for new insights in understanding creation accounts in Genesis (and the ancient near-east)), The Empathic Civilization (for new insights on globalizations and global crisis),  The Planet in a Pebble (for new insights on Geology follows the deep history of a slate pebble from Borth (where we lived Oct-Dec 2010))

My Most Viewed Blog Post: Surprises under the ice

Podcasts: Daily Bacon, St. Pauls Media,

Newspaper: The Guardian

Magazine: Nature (that’s a journal I suppose)

Columnist: Monbiot, Freedland

Blogs: Jesus Creed, Storied Theology

Radio: BBC radio4 Today programme,

Drink: aeropress coffee, Black Butte Porter

Food: Sushi Town (Hasting, Burnaby), Sushi Garden (Lougheed, Burnaby)