I read this today on the bus home, kind of sums up were I’m at right now:

“As a Scientist, your goals are to make exciting discoveries, to change the way your colleagues and maybe even the public at large view the world, and generally to improve people’s lives.  However, need I remind you, you will remain a human being, with human needs, even while you are pushing back the frontiers of ignorance.  No matter how romantically you view your role in research, you will not be happy without a secure, well-paid job.”

This is a quote from “A PhD Is Not Enough!: A Guide to Survival in Science” by Peter J. Feibelman.  It’s a great little book that I would recommend to anyone wishing to enter (or is starting out in) the field of Scientific research.  It covers career advice from graduate school to tenure track, tips for job hunting, presentations, and paper writing.  An easy read, blunt, honesty, and to the point, it’s full of useful snippets of frank advice and information.