Katharine Hayhoe, is a climate scientist and associate professor at Texas Tech University.  She also happens to be Canadian as well as a Christian who is married to a pastor of an evangelical bible church in west Texas.  She is known for her efforts in increasing the public understanding of climate science, especially within conservative communities.  (Note: Conservatives and Evangelicals in the US seem to have developed a default position of climate change denial).

She has been featured on Biologos as part of their video blog series:

There is also an interview with her in Yale 360 on how to find common ground in the bitter climate debate.

Here is how she would response to Rick Perry’s (the current Texas governor and Republican US presidential candidate) head-in-the-sand opinions on climate science.

She has also written a book with her husband entitled “A Climate for Change: Global Warming Facts for Faith-Based Decisions” which maybe I’ll get around to reading at some point.