The AeroPress is a relatively new (2005) innovation in coffee making.  I love it, with little effort and half a minute you can have a really smooth and rich tasting coffee.  Hot water and coffee grounds are mixed together for ten seconds.  Then gentle air pressure pushes the mix through a micro-filter in 20 seconds.  The clean-up is simple as well – push the used grounds into the compost box and rinse the aeropress under the tap.

The reviews seem to be unanimously positive.

“I’d say AeroPress is midway between filter and French press, … It has all the advantages of both, but none of the disadvantages. It extracts the coffee oils like a French press but removes the grit, and it captures the clean, bright flavours of a filter brewer. It’s fantastic!”  James Phillips

Here are two different ways of using the aeropress –

The standard method:

Or the cool method (inversion):