The Moka pot with its iconic design has become a symbol of 21st century style, even displayed in the Science museum, London.

I dusted mine off yesterday for some experimentation.  Moka pots are not supposed to be cleaned, i.e. don’t put them in the dishwater, as they are supposed to stay “seasoned”; however, mine looked quite scutty so after reading some advice (here and here) I tried to clean it up using vinegar and bicarbonate soda.

Now with a cleaner pot, I got to the coffee making:

Step 1: Add freshly boiled water to the lower section.  Using already heated water, rather than cold water, makes the process faster.

Step 2: Fill the filter with finely ground coffee and level.  You are looking for a finer grind than that which is used for drip and press coffee but not too fine – really fine espresso grounds lead to over extraction; and no need to compact coffee in filter.

Step 3: Screw on the top and place pot on the element over a low/moderate heat.  Using a lower heat allows for a steam head to build up without scorching the coffee grinds.

Step 4: Leave the lid up and you can see the coffee come out through the pipe, remove from heat at or before you hear the gargling noise and pour into cup immediately.

Here’s a video I found helpful.