So it has now been one year since my first blog post.  I mostly started as a motivator to look into certain topics, as a way to improve and practice my writing, to explore and engage in the world of blogging, to document my thoughts, and as a reference archive.

Reflections: My aim was to write at the interface of Environmental Science and Bible, I think I have not done too badly at this although I think the tendency is perhaps toward Ecology/Nature and the Bible.  I have also significantly branched out from this theme, including, for example, a blog series on coffee brewing methods.

Time demands: I’ve tried to keep a fairly steady flow of posts (~weekly); however, it is quite difficult sometimes to find the time.  Even though the posts are quick thoughts, it can still take a little while to find links, pictures, references etc.  I always have ambition to look into a topic in more detail and do further research, but this never really happens.  I would like to give more opinion where I can, rather than just relay information.

My favourite post: I think my favourite has to be the honey and Bible posts.  This achieved the blogs aim in highlighting a new piece of scientific research (the discovery of ancient beehives) that led to advances in Biblical interpretation.

Future plans: I would like to continue much as I am, blogging will likely take a lull with the imminent arrival of our second child.  I still haven’t got around to posting much layperson introductions to my own research.

Housekeeping: I will now post photos and family stuff on a separate microblogging site (Pimentel Pics).  I have a new header (Reading) that will keep a record of all the books I’ve read since beginning of year 2011.  I have also updated/improved the About Me section and included a blogroll  (links) in the sidebar under various categories.