Lying unused in our landlords shed was an old school Italian hand-pull expresso machine, a brass La Pavoni Professional, as pictured above.  I finally asked, actually I got Ann to ask!, whether it was working and whether I could try it out.  He got from his Dad who was a hoarder and he wasn’t sure whether it worked or not but said I was welcome to have it.  Well turns out it worked fine, later on I did have to readjust a seal that was leaking steam and as a Christmas present the seal was replaced and the machine serviced.

This is an amazing machine and the espresso is really good.  There is so much to play with, a real hands-on espresso machine.  The grind, the tap, the pressure level, and the pull … a lot to work on to get the perfect shot.  This video clip gives an insight into the routine, this guy seems particularly obsessive in his quest to obtain that ‘God shot’.

Tragically recently the heating element has blown and apparently they no longer make replacement parts.  I was told that the newer heating elements don’t fit onto these old machine.  I now hear from another source that newer replacement parts should be able to fit into this machine, but that the cost (parts and labour) might be prohibitively expensive.