On Friday I had the chance to visit The Courtauld Gallery at Someset House, London.  The Courtauld Gallery has been branded as “… one of the finest small museums in the world” and has a number of exceptional art pieces in its permanent collection.  However, I was most interested in their special exhibition on Paul Cezanne’s famous paintings of peasant card players.  I’m quite a fan of the peasant theme – whether that be Tolstoy or van Gogh.  Cezanne has some really excellent painting on this theme, apparently in his day turning this tired theme on its head.  Where previously peasants were shown as dissolute characters Cezanne’s iconic works portray them with gravitas and stoicism carrying out a time honoured activity, playing cards; taking them out of their tradition outdoor setting (e.g. ploughing the field), but yet still conducting an age old tradition.  Here are few photos I took of these magnificent portraits.